"Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything"

-Dennis Balthaser


I know for a fact that the security at Area 51 is alive and well, since I just returned from there, and experienced it first-hand.


In my many years of doing this research, I have always tried to present information that was verifiable and confirmable, when possible. That hasn’t always been an easy task, considering the amount of disinformation being spread around, particularly with a lot of that information being presented on the Internet.


When doing lectures or writing editorials about a particular subject, I find it helps one’s credibility if you have first-hand knowledge of the subject. It’s kind of like the 2000+ web sites on the Internet about the Roswell Incident. When you do some checking, most of those people that have Roswell Incident web sites have never been to Roswell or interviewed a witness related to it, but claim to be authorities on the subject. From now on when someone asks, “have you ever been to Area 51?”---I can say, “Yes I have---at least to the entrances to the base”.



"And just why do the signs say I can't go in there?"

Dennis Balthaser at Area 51 during his recent lectures in Rachel, NV.

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For years I have read and heard reports about the intense security involved at Area 51, but to actually be there and see it working doesn’t compare with what I’ve read or heard. It’s real and it’s serious.



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