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Editorials: Area 51

By Dennis Balthaser

As I continue my research into the truth behind the 1947 Roswell Incident; (which the United States Air Force claims was a balloon with dummies), Area 51; (which according to the government is nothing more than a test facility for newly developed aircraft) and Underground Bases, (which are only facilities for commercial use), I continue to be amazed at the responses we as tax payers and citizen's of this country are supposed to condone. Within the United States government, some military personnel and certain civilian's are obviously on another planet, or in a different dimension than those of us that seek to find answers to the many questions we've asked over the years.


I also continue to be astonished by the individuals that claim to be authors, investigators or researchers on the subject of Ufology. I occasionally have the opportunity to attend lectures given by some of these individuals, and daily I read comments on different email lists that indicate those individuals have no knowledge of what they are speaking of. Perhaps the general public doesn't know, or worse, doesn't care what is being said. After all, how many of us know the names of our neighbors, or even care if they have names? Are we to complacent? So as a researcher, we not only have to look for new information pertaining to a certain subject, but also have to contend with putting out the fires of disinformation, fraudulent statements, and other comments, which have no basis for validity. This of course means wasting many hours of valuable research time. Recently I heard a lecturer state that there is an underground base under the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had to challenge that statement since there is a gigantic water aquifer under Albuquerque, not far below the surface.


I can understand at times why the government would not want certain information disclosed, and they affectionately refer to it as "national security" , but I believe that term is too frequently used by our government to cover-up other things that we do have a right to know. Three examples of national security excuses include; the design and development of the F-117, Stealth aircraft which is probably 30 years old, and was test flown for at least 10 years without the public's knowledge; the code used during WWII which was kept secret for 30 years, and the two widows who tried to sue the government a few years ago, due to their husbands dieing of radiation exposure contacted while employed at Area 51, were told Area 51 doesn't exist. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to us that our government could keep secrets.


That brings me back to the Roswell Incident and my question as to why it hasn't been satisfactorily explained? Karl Pflock recently wrote a new book on Roswell and "trashes" both Major Marcel (the intelligence officer at RAAF in 47) and Col. Blanchard (the base commander and head of the 509th Bomb wing). Major Marcel was, based on his many commendations and recommendations both before and after the Roswell Incident, a superior intelligence officer, while Colonel Blanchard went on to become a 4-star general at the Pentagon and considered for Joint Chiefs of Staff (the highest rank in the military). So here is Mr. Pflock, an ex-CIA employee, still putting out wrong information about two distinguished military men to discredit them and their involvement in the Roswell Incident. Mr. Pflock also holds on to his theory about a balloon of some sort being what crashed at Roswell, when in fact ranch foreman "Mack" Brazel was very familiar with balloons, having recovered several to obtain the reward offered by the Air Force at the time. In July 1947 however, he didn't know what had crashed on his ranch and brought some of the debris to town to Sheriff Wilcox. Brazel was interrogated at the base for several days by the military, something certainly not required if it was just a balloon of some sort.


As to the Mogul balloon theory, if they were being used to check on Russian nuclear testing, why were they used 2 years before the Russians began testing nuclear devices? Of course the latest excuse in 1997 by the Air Force, that the bodies recovered at the crash site were anthropomorphic crash test dummies, is a true "masterpiece" by the Air Force, since the dummies weren't used until 1953, 6 years after the Roswell Incident occurred.


Why won't the Air Force provide me the information I requested about the photographs taken in General Ramey's office in 1947, since my Freedom of Information Requests are quoting from their government printed, 1994 account of what happened in Roswell and written by Air Force Colonel Weaver? There must be records of the testing done by a national laboratory according to Weaver's statements, that the photos were analyzed. Also, if the debris were a highly classified balloon of some sort, why would pictures of it taken in Ramey's office be published in most newspapers?


If the debris discovered on the ranch was a military top secret, why didn't the military launch a full investigation into the cause and location of the crash when it happened, rather than wait to order Major Marcel and Captain Cavitt to the site after the rancher had contacted the local Sheriff? You can see for many miles in all directions from an aircraft above the site and anything crashed over that large an area would have been visible immediately as soon as they knew it had crashed.


Why did the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) contact Walt Whitmore of Roswell radio station KGFL and threaten to suspend his license if he continued to broadcast information about the Incident?


Why were there at least 7 flights of aircraft used to transport a balloon out of Roswell, most of the flights under high security?


Explain the need for new personnel (unknown to the local military) at the base hospital at the time of the incident?


Why is the Roswell Incident not included in the Air Force Blue Book report along with several hundred other UFO cases?


There are many other questions that could be asked about what we've been told about the Roswell Incident, but since the Air Force has already given us 4 excuses, perhaps it will suffice to wait for another excuse from them. In the meantime I will continue to ask "Explain This?".


It is vividly important that the Roswell Incident continue to be investigated. We continue to lose first-hand witnesses, and the disinformation, debunkers and critics need to answer some of the questions, others and I have been asking for many years.




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