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Editorials: Ufology

By Dennis Balthaser

Never before in the research of Ufology, has there been a more important time for obtaining the truth than today. With the explosion of technology we’ve seen in recent years, and anticipate in the future, it is more important than ever, that all information related to this subject be verifiable. That technology has provided some of the tools to accomplish that. For example, as recently as 1984, fewer than half of all offices had a fax machine. Today nearly every office has one and by the year 2000, its expected that 25% of all homes will have one. Mobile phone subscribers have increased from 4 million ten years ago, to 300 million today. Then there is the home computer, which gives one immediate access to information as never before. Herein lies part of the solution (and part of the problem). How much of what one reads on the World Wide Web is verifiable as fact dealing with Ufology? Probably a much smaller percentage than most of us are willing to admit. A lot of it is sensationalism, eye catching and the “now” thing. On the other hand, people who probably never had an interest in the subject may now become more involved, because of the ease in obtaining information. I have been to libraries and cranked through microfilms, and looked through old books and newspapers. It’s not easy to find the information sometimes, and it is definitely time consuming. I firmly believe however, that the truth will be found through the historical information waiting to be located.


Instant answers, without the proper research is not what that the study of Ufology is about however. In previous articles I have tried to explain the importance of getting factual information, credible witnesses and explained the difficulty and frustration encountered with that. Those of us involved in “searching for the truth” are fortunate to have several people who do dedicate a large amount of their time, effort and finances to obtaining the facts that will be needed to someday prove (or disprove) the voluminous amount of information that has been brought forth over the years, about UFOs, aliens, etc.


As an example, it’s been almost 53 years since the alleged Roswell Incident occurred. Some of the witnesses, who for many years were considered reliable, credible or trustworthy are now being seriously questioned about their involvement, as new witnesses and information surfaces, and better technology becomes available for analyzing that information. If they have not been telling the truth, it should be embarrassing to them when the truth is known. If they are part of the cover-up, they will have to live with themselves. (I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes in either case, and I’m convinced they know who they are). Documents long believed to be factual by many, such as the Majestic 12 documents are now being scrutinized thoroughly to determine if they are in fact secret government documents, or an elaborate hoax. The Ramey photos, which I’m sure no one in 1947 ever thought could be enhanced with the technology we have available today, may reveal the truth from a source not even considered 50 years ago. Unfortunately this type research and investigation cannot happen overnight. It takes years of digging through archives, frustrating Freedom of Information Act requests, looking for new witnesses, and a desire by some, to not be satisfied with what has been presented as fact, when quite possibly it is not.


It seems to me that opening people’s minds to other possibilities, and presenting the information available so it can be attempted to be verified, is a key ingredient in obtaining what we all want; the truth. I make a special effort in many of my lectures to emphasize the fact that many times I cannot prove what I’m sharing with my audience. But if one or two people leave that lecture asking more questions than they came with, or decide to do their own research, I consider the lecture a success.


I have the good fortune of occasionally working with some of the best known researchers and investigators in the business, and I have learned a lot from them over the past few years. You know many of them by their books, videos and TV appearances. But there is a another group that doesn’t step out in the limelight of media coverage as often and the general public in my opinion under appreciates the work they do.


They are not in that limelight and as visible as other researchers, consequently they may not be as well known by the general public. Make no mistake, all serious researchers know who these dedicated people are and respect the work they are doing.


I’d like to mention a few of them as an introduction to you if you are not familiar with them. Wendy Connors, Project SIGN Research Center, Another is Jan Aldridge, Project 1947, And still another is Michael Hall, Project Blue Book Research Center, www.evansville.net/~slk/Blue.html


One of them recently explained the importance of historical Ufology to me, and how it relates to today and the events we’ve been researching for the past several years. It is important when studying any subject, as the historical aspects of that subject are critical and consequently have a lot of bearing on the events and research of today, so I would highly recommend these web sites to you. Be prepared for factual information that has been thoroughly researched, as that is what you will find. Nothing flashy or sensational. Like Sgt. Friday on the old TV show Dragnet show used to say, “Just the facts ma’am”.


One of these historical Ufologists recently gave me several of the older UFO books which I did not have in my library. I was particularly intrigued with Gray Barker’s “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers”, first published in 1956. I was amazed at the description of MIB’s (Men In Black) in that book and my own personal experience with alleged United States Air Force OSI agents during the “Interception” in Oklahoma in 1997, 40 years later. I’m sure not everything in the book is factual, but the similarity 40 years later convinced me of the need to become familiar with some of the history of UFOs. Another book, written in 1974 by Raymond Fowler, entitled “UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors” details many cases from the 1960’s.


Does researching UFO histories prove that UFOs exist? No, but it does prove that there is UFO history. Through dedicated research it also proves the United States Air Force studied UFOs, and strange unidentified objects have been seen and reported for many years by some very credible people.


In May 1999, the J. Allen Hyneck, Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Chicago, IL www.cufos.org hosted the First Historical Conference on Unidentified Flying Objects. One of the goals of this small group of researchers was to determine how the combined research, archive acquisitions and personal knowledge can best be preserved, shared and maintained for generations to come. I commend the group for this undertaking, since the scientific community, the government and the media, have not taken their responsibilities serious enough over the years, as the UFO phenomenon has continued to be present, without any long-range study by the scientific community, an unserious approach by the media and denial by the government.


The government and military reaction to UFOs is well documented (they don’t exist), but again the historical researchers are finding and proving that the government and the military have had a very high degree of interest in UFOs for many years and probably still do.


Recently on a CNN report, slipped in among more “important news”, a brief comment about UFOs was broadcast, only to have the news anchor person make a cunning remark at the conclusion of the report. This gave the viewer the distinct impression that this was not to be taken seriously as news.


Finding the truth is an up-hill battle, but thanks to the modern day researchers that are serious and the historical ufologists, it’s a battle that can be won, and is deserved by every human on the planet.


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