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By Dennis Balthaser



During the summer of 1997, the International UFO Museum was contacted concerning a transfer of metal allegedly obtained from the Roswell UFO crash. Dennis Balthaser, then representing the UFO Museum, attempted to make that transfer. This is the first-hand account of the government intervention in preventing the transfer of that material to the International UFO Museum. Mr. Balthaser went public with this information for the first time in October, 1997 in a lecture where he disclosed his first-hand experience with government agents that prevented him from obtaining physical evidence and the opportunity to interview the gentleman that claimed to have been at the crash site and who claimed to have seen an alien escorted into the RAAF Base hospital in July, 1947.


In June of 2009, Dennis Balthaser revealed the startling results of his, and colleague Frank Warren's research concerning the events of the summer of 1997, in his editorial, Time and Perseverance Ends the Interception.


•  Introduction

•  History

The Son Calls Back

•  Preparation for Contact

•  The Set Up

•  Interception

•  More Agents

•  Lots of Questions






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