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-Dennis Balthaser


Students' Reports on UFOs



What Crashed in Roswell, New Mexico?  PDF by Roger W.


UFO Story by Luis


Roswell Report on UFOs by Alex


Extraterrestrials and UFOs by Natalie




Roswell: The Invasion and Cover-up by James


3D UFO Exhibit (pictured right) by Ethan



Roswell: A Flying Disc or a Weather Balloon? by Ferrer and McKenzie


The UFO Phenomena by Tarika


Report by Alison


Report by Brian


Is There Life Beyond Earth? by Sarah


Inside Out by Zach


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After years of research and investigation of ufology, seeking the truth, I have come to the realization that amongst the frustrations, the set-backs, the politics and other obstacles I've encountered, there are a few things that stand above that, to make it all worthwhile.


One is doing lectures, which I thoroughly enjoy, as a means of sharing my limited knowledge with a live audience, able to present information, open minds to possibilities and get feed back during question and answer sessions that follow each lecture.


Another is writing editorials for my web site, which are on occassion also published on other web sites and in magazines. Editorials give me the freedom to comment about various topics from time to time in a way that is a true freedom of my thoughts.


Thirdly, and what this section of my web site is dedicated to, is the reports I receive from young people, who after contacting me for information or answers to their questions, are kind enough to share those reports with me. Here I not only want to thank those students for the hours of research and devotion dedicated to their reports, but also (in many cases), the unknown names of the teachers, who allowed these students to open their minds about a controversial subject, which in

most cases gave the student a high grade in that class.


I'm extremely proud of all the students that have shared their reports and as a thank you to them, I am including them in this section of my web site for others to read and enjoy. In many cases our young people are alive and well and with them our future is in good hands.


Thanks to all the students who have shared.


Dennis G. Balthaser


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