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UFO Chronicles - For the serious researcher: "Knowledge is Power" News-Articles-Editorial-Opinion-Press Releases-News-Articles-Editorial-Opinion-Press Releases




The Black Vault - John Greenewald, Jr.'s Black Vault is easily one of the best web sites on the Internet. John began researching government conspiracies at the age of 15, and wrote his first book, "Beyond UFO Secrecy," in 2002. The Black Vault lives up to its promise: "Taking You Beyond The Limits of Government Secrecy."


E.P.I.C. - Extraordinary Phenomena Investigations Council - E.P.I.C. was organized to offer an avenue to a level of inquiry that is more than just a four level conclusion; Known, unknown, hoax or inconclusive.


Australian UFO Network


Colorado MUFON


Ft. Smith Arkansas MUFON


Phoenix MUFON


Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association


UFOSeek - The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine


UFOINFO  John Hayes of UFOINFO has compiled vast amounts of information covering topics from magazines and newsletters including UFO Roundup, to organizations and conferences for those interested in the subject of Ufology. A great place to get started.


Roswell Proof- What really Happened - David Rudiak Excellent research on Ramey photos - much more...


Above Black This website seeks to expose the cover-up, by the US government, of a specific alien project and to educate the public on how alien projects are successfully hidden from public exposure. Aliens do exist. If you are skeptical of this fact, reading ABOVE BLACK will make you question your beliefs (and perhaps change them.)


Beyond Zebra Helping People Prepare For A Whole New Way Of Life Heading Our Way. Ret. Command Sgt Major Robert O. Dean and Marcia Schafer. Site features information regarding seminars, Intuitive Business Counseling, books and other products.


ICAR - International Community for Alien Research


New York UFO - NYUFO is an non profit website created with an honest attempt to present articles & fresh links on the subject of Ufo's & Underground Technology.


UFOWisconsin - UFOWisconsin is an excellent site that contains hundreds of sightings reports from Wisconsin, along with UFO photos, videos, and much more. "This is one website I would recommend to anyone without hesitation." —Peter Robbins, WebWatch, UFOMagazine.


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BUFORA on-line: British UFO Research Association




NICAP National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena


SETI -- The Society for Planetary SETI Research


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Space Sci-Tech


  BBC Sci-tech


  Hubble's Greatest Hits


  Astronomy Picture of the Day


  NASA Astrobiology


  Enterprise Mission


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Abduction/Implant Research


I.C.A.R. - "Focusing in the truth of abductions." The International Community for Alien Research is a world wide research organization.


For therapy and counseling, please see UFOINFO Index listings


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  American Association for the Advancement of Science


  Apache Point Observatory


  Hubble Space Telescope


  Kirtland Air Force Base




  New Mexico Museum of Natural History's ''Dinosaurs in New Mexico''


  New Mexico Tech


  The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History


  Sandia National Laboratories


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Area 51




Area 51 Desert Rat


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Underground Bases


New York UFO - NYUFO is an non profit website created with an honest attempt to present articles & fresh links on the subject of Ufo's & Underground Technology.


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Air Force Link - Official web site of the United States Air Force


FBI FOIA The Vault


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Crop Circles


Star Nation Gallery- Rod Bearcloud Berry — Artist, Traditional Native American Rod Bearcloud Berry has been painting since he was twelve years old. His spiritual art has evolved over the years as he followed the traditional Native American ways of his ancestors.  Stories of ancient symbols and Native American spirituality come alive as people begin to look deeper into his work. Many who view his work see the intrinsic symbols within.


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The blog showcases UFO evidence recorded or obtained by media and government sources. In addition, it presents any (worldwide) government UFO footage (or UFO evidence) and balanced UFO TV/Radio news media report. There are also several compelling Norwegian UFO cases.




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Magazines and Journals


UFO Digest - UFO Digest provides video and photographic proof of UFOs and the paranormal - Plus exclusive in depth interviews with leading authors and lecturers concerning the phemonemon. Weekly features include: eyewitness reports, breaking news and in depth articles.


Paranormal News


 David Icke's E-Magazine




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 The Night Sky


UFO Casebook An outstanding and friendly forum. Site also features UFO Case files, UFO Photos, Video, Aliens, Video  Club, UFO News, and Magazine


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 Stanton Friedman - Find all things Friedman here.


 Linda Moulton Howe


 Whitley Strieber


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Jerry Pippin


Talk Now Radio (formerly Paranormal Palace) A Community that explores paranormal phenomena such as ghost, ufos, bigfoot, lochness monster, atlantis, extraterrestrials, abductions, ancient mysteries,and other such phenomena.




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