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Remembering Jesse Marcel Jr.



Because we’re losing first-hand witnesses to the Roswell Incident at an alarming rate, it always saddens me to hear of another loss. The news about Jesse Marcel Jr. passing on August 24th has however deeply moved me, due to having known him, and shared many enjoyable, informative moments with him over the years.


Debby and I want to extend our deepest sympathy to Linda, the children and grandchildren. We, as you will all miss him.


I first met Jesse in 1997 while I was affiliated with the UFO Museum here in Roswell. Since then we had done lectures at several conferences and it was always the highlight of those conferences to spend time with him there, as well as visiting over dinner at night with Jesse and Linda. I remember at an Aztec, NM conference several years ago, I was asked to be Master of Ceremonies, and had the distinct honor of introducing Jesse. Jesse was always a soft-spoken individual, extremely honest and above all humble in my opinion. He didn’t care much for it when as part of my introduction of him; I mentioned that he was an American hero. Nevertheless I always thought of him and his Dad Major Jesse Marcel as just that, and continue to feel that way.


I also remember a few years ago I had the opportunity to go in the house where Jesse lived here in Roswell as an 11 year old boy in 1947, when his Dad Major Marcel came back from the debris field and woke him up, to show him some of the debris from the crash site. I took pictures of the inside of the house and mailed them to Jesse. He responded back that because the house had been remodeled over those 60 years he didn’t recognize anything in the house.


Today I do Roswell UFO Tours and that house where Jesse lived as a boy is one of the major stops on the tour, where I talk at length about his Dad’s involvement in the 1947 Roswell Incident and how Jesse reacted to that, so I will not let their involvement fade into the past. I will continue to remind people of their importance to the Roswell Incident, as well as serving their country with the highest honor, that we should all remember, and be thankful for.


I always looked forward to writing to Jesse, sometimes sharing my editorials with him, or seeing him at a conference, and will definitely miss that, but the memories I have of him will stay with me forever.


Thanks for the memories Jesse, I’ll miss you.


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