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Roswell Then and Now


By Dennis Balthaser


Since the Roswell Incident allegedly occurred in the summer of 1947, let me start with a question. Why are we still talking about it some 50 years later?


Surely this is not a story made up by some rancher in a remote area of New Mexico to draw attention to himself, and surely it wasn't some researcher or author looking to make a "fast buck", because the investigation and research about the Roswell Incident didn't even begin until the late 1970s, some 30 years after the incident occurred. The people involved did not get together and decide to fabricate this UFO story, because for the most part, these people didn't know each other until many years after it happened.


Enough volumes have been written and documented about the Roswell Incident to fill the largest archives available and yet it continues to mystify us.


Could it be that what happened near Roswell, did in fact happen and is being covered up by our government? Many indications seem to lean that way, based on factual information, witnesses, and the fact that it cannot be satisfactorily explained away with the excuses given over the past 50 years by the United States Air Force. (By the way, there were 4 different excuses given by the Air Force over the past 50 years, and I'll explain each of them to you later).


The purpose of this article is to give you information about the Roswell Incident from my perspective, having been interested in it since the 1970s. I will explain events of 1947 as I understand them, and when possible, I will update you on the latest events dealing with those topics.


My background is civil engineering, having retired from the Texas Department of Transportation in 1996, after 33 years in that profession, and I'm somewhat familiar with the military, having spend 3 years in the United States Army prior to that. I also had the opportunity to be affiliated with the UFO Museum in Roswell, from 1996 until 1998, as a Board member, Operations Manager and the UFO Investigator. During that period, I had the good fortune to meet and compare notes with the very best in the field of ufology, and to meet and get to know many of the actual witnesses.

Above, The Roswell Dispatch: Roswell's Other Paper



Today, I am an independent researcher, investigator and lecturer, working with such well known researchers as Don Schmitt, Stanton Friedman, Wendy Connors and others.


I take this type work very seriously, because not only do I think we deserve to know the truth, but our children and our grandchildren deserve it also. So I will try to share some of what I know about the Roswell Incident of 1947 with you. We'll look at some of the witnesses and people directly involved.


I'll show you photographs and relay first hand accounts with you, and ultimately you will have to decide if you believe, as some of us do, that an extraterrestrial craft, with beings may have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and is still being covered-up today.


Later I'll share a personal experience with you that I had in 1997, while attempting to obtain physical proof of the Roswell Incident, that changed my life and created and even stronger desire for me to obtain the truth.

Roswell Then and Now

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