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Editorials: The Roswell Incident

By Dennis Balthaser

Searching for the Truth


No longer being affiliated with the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, NM has given me mixed emotions about my chosen field as an investigator and researcher on the subject of ufology. I miss the daily contact with the people that would share stories with me about sightings and abductions. On the other hand, I am more at liberty now to do serious research about the three particular topics that I have been most interested in for the past 25 years. My 33 years of working in civil engineering only allowed me to pursue this subject as a hobby, however for the past few years I have now been able to devote full time to it. My interest started when I bought my first book and looked out into the night sky to wonder what might be out there. (Let that be a warning to those of you just becoming interested in the subject of ufology, as I now have hundreds UFO related books and I am constantly buying others...ufology is contagious and very challenging).


The three topics I try to concentrate on most frequently, are the 1947 Roswell Incident, Area 51 and Underground Bases. In these articles, I will try to share information with you, but my main objective from time to time will be to open your mind. The possibilities and probabilities are endless on this subject. I hope in return, after reading the articles you will give me feedback, as I welcome that. I may present a lot of “what if’s?”, to accomplish that.


As we now get comfortable with 1999, well on its way toward the millennium, we can still look back at 1998 and marvel at some of the stories that got our attention. There were many and that will probably continue to increase as more and more people become involved with ufology, space exploration, and an interest in what some of us have researched for many years. Unfortunately, more information is also available that is not accurate, not proven or out-right hoaxes. Which information is correct, seems to be the hardest thing for serious researchers to determine. The internet is swamped with information, and I know in my case, I personally delete much more information than I hard copy for files and future reference. Books and articles are written by people who have very little or no knowledge of the subject, and that will no doubt continue until the truth is finally revealed.


This is particularly true with the 1947 Roswell Incident information, as many “researchers” elect to follow the ideas or thoughts of others, without doing their own investigation to determine if the information is accurate or not. A perfect example would be the many crash sites referred to pertaining to Roswell. Last count there were about four sites actually talked about, with one or two others being mentioned. In reality the only site with substantial evidence is the Corona site, commonly referred to as the Foster ranch site. It has withstood critique since the late 1970’s when Stanton Freidman first interviewed Jesse Marcel, the retired 509th intelligence officer. In defense of the other sites, that can be beneficial and information pertaining to them must be researched and validated. Whose to say there was only one site, but until all avenues of research are exhausted (or the government or military finally admit to Roswell), no stone can go unturned. The key again, is to not accept information without thorough research and investigation. In my case I have interviewed many witnesses before finally getting one to admit that he knew something about the Roswell Incident. Thats what keeps you interested and eases the frustration when you do not get the information you so desperately desire. Its extremely exhilarating when someone finally gives you that little piece of information to move you closer to the truth and helps put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Then there are the witnesses that you know from experience or simply a “gut feeling” that know much more than their revealing, and you wonder why they won’t come forward to put an end to this search for the truth. Their reason’s may be valid, i.e. they may honestly not remember, (its been over 50 years), or their dedication and commitment to their government 51 years ago was so strong and sincere that its still with them today. (you have to respect that and I wish young people today felt that way about their government---on the other hand, maybe politicians earned that respect 51 years ago). Safety for themselves and their families is also an excuse heard for not revealing information, and finally maybe they are part of the cover-up themselves. These are all some of the elements you deal with as an investigator and researcher and we’ll try to look at some of these things and others in future articles.


For now lets look back at some of the stories that made headlines(at least in the ufology community), in 1998.


The death of Lt. Col. Phil Corso

I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions, and know that as revealing and controversial as his book “The Day After Roswell” was, he had much more information to reveal, had he been able to buy a little more time.


The Phoenix Lights

Was it a UFO, several UFOs in formation, or the Maryland Air National Guard dropping flares? Regardless, it created quite a stir by being witnessed by some 30,000 people, some of whom took excellent video film.


The General Ramey photos originally taken in 1947

These photographs are currently being analyzed due to the fact that General Ramey is holding a piece of paper in one of the photos, with the typed words facing the camera. Its been agreed that a few of the words now legible include, “victims” and “discs”. (Not words expected to be affiliated with a weather balloon, if anyone out there still believes that story). This is a smoking gun. Just perhaps the man who helped cover up the Roswell Incident some years ago, could be the same man to uncover it years later. This will be worth watching in 1999.


New MJ-12 Documents

These papers surfaced on the internet in late 1998 and created quite a stir in the ufology community. I discussed these documents with Stanton Freidman and he informed me “he thought some were real and possibly some were phony”, indicating, “each document had to be evaluated on its own merits”. Stanton plans on revealing his research when completed. Another one to continue watching in 1999.


NASA probing space

Probes are being launched to several of our neighbor planets to search for water, take soil samples and do other scientific tests. A craft called “NEAR” was launched to rendezvous with an Asteroid (Eros), in the year 2000. The asteroid is a brick shaped object 25 miles by nine miles by 8.8 miles in size. Eros was some 240 million miles from earth when the craft was launched. The possibility of actually landing the craft on the asteroid is being considered. Interest in space and the technology being applied is overwhelming. Is there a definite difference in thinking about life somewhere else, other than on earth, and what changed that thinking?


These are but a few of the stories we watched in 1998, and as can easily be seen many will continue to be monitored in 1999 and beyond. Its an exciting time we live in, people are more educated than they used to be, they are more open minded to new challenges and possibilities, and I find it exciting to be part of it in a small way. I hope through these articles you will also find it exciting, informative and begin your own research.


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