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Editorials: Ufology

By Dennis Balthaser

Stress- As in Ufo Research



Why would anyone choose to retire at an early age and become involved in UFO research full time as I have done? I was asked that question several times in the past few years while being interviewed, and I had never really given it much thought. After all, I could be playing golf or fishing, or many other enjoyable things, rather than subjecting myself to what sometimes appears to be a "no-win" endeavor, in trying to find the truth. Therein I believe, lies the answer. Over the years it's been pretty obvious to me that our government and certain military and civilian leaders have lied to us, and that is certainly not limited to only Ufology. By trying to live and do research within the boundaries of my favorite quote, "Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having to Remember Anything", stress is a lot easier to deal with for me than it might be otherwise.


This type research is full of stress at times, but everyone deals with stress differently. Truth and honesty are to me, of utmost importance in keeping my sanity and being able to pursue the research that I have come to enjoy for the occasional benefits derived from it, without being stressed out in the process.


Any form of stress is usually caused by an interaction between another individual, or schedules, deadlines, or what I call "overload of information", which is the most difficult for me, trying to determine what is the truth. In the years that I have been actively involved with this research, I have had one extremely stressful experience, which was of such magnitude that I will always carry the memories of it with me.


In 1997, while attempting to obtain physical evidence (a piece of metal) from the Roswell craft from a gentleman in Oklahoma, who allegedly was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field when the incident happened, I was "intercepted" by individuals who told me they were agents of the United States Air Force, Office of Special Investigation. They prevented me from ever meeting the gentleman in person. What I experienced in my 3-½ hour meeting with those agents and the phone conversations that continued for several months afterward, changed my life. Honest-to-goodness fear set in, resulting in about 5 days of paranoia where I didn't know what would happen when I turned the ignition on my vehicle, or what I would find when I came back to my residence each day.


Additionally, I lost about 15 pounds weight in 3 months, until I decided I couldn't, nor would I continue to live like that. I went public with the information 4 months later and had been advised by Stanton Friedman that I would feel better after going public. He was right and it became a stressful situation that I could better deal with, so how we handle stress is up to us as individuals.


Time consumption is another source of stress for me, although I have to assume total responsibility for that, as a choice I have made, rather than something induced on me by someone else. I only know one way to do any project, which is to give 100% to what I'm doing. For two and a half years I volunteered 10 hours a day, seven days a week at International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. Since 1998, when I began doing my research as an independent researcher, I have continued working about 60 hours a week. I never worked this many hours per week before I retired when I was actually paid to perform my occupation, which is also another source of stress.


Very few in the field of Ufology are getting wealthy by doing this research. If the truth were known, most researchers like myself actually do this type of work at a financial loss each year. It costs money to operate an office with equipment and supplies needed, telephone expenses which can be costly to call witnesses or researchers, and travel to libraries, museums or to do investigations or interviews. The only income I generate comes from the occasional sale of a lecture video or cassette or an honorarium for presenting a lecture. I'm not doing this type work to make money, but also try not to lose money, which unfortunately has been the case for the past several years. That's where the dedication and commitment enters in, when you do something you believe is important and beneficial, even at a financial loss. I have tried for the past year to "have another life at times", by doing projects around the house and joining a few bowling leagues. Those type activities help to clear the cob webs out of the mind from time to time, and keep burn out (which can be stressful) in tow. So once again how you handle stress is dependent on the individual.


Several researchers I know have had to deal with the stress caused by debunkers or critics, and in some cases it has unfairly taken its toll on those researchers. I have been rather fortunate in my career as a researcher to not have been targeted by debunkers. I would like to believe that there are several reasons for that. First and foremost would be my honesty and dedication. I'm also somewhat low keyed compared to other researchers and try hard to research material as thoroughly as possible before going public with it. I don't try to convince anyone about anything pertaining to UFO research, but prefer to share my research openly and give others the opportunity to make their own decision on what they do or do not believe.


Debunkers are professionals in the use of dis information, misinformation and propaganda. They seem to have all the answers without any documentation to substantiate their remarks. Don't confuse them with facts.


Critics on the other hand, in my opinion, are the ones that accuse without knowing the facts and in most cases have no idea what they are talking about. Recently I experienced one such critic while I was trying to obtain information about 1947 mortician Glenn Dennis' mortician license from the State of New Mexico, in which the critic stated on his web site, "At least one researcher has claimed that Glenn Dennis was not a licensed mortician at the time of the incident; therefore he must be lying about other details of the event". In this case, Glenn Dennis knew what I was doing as I had discussed it with him, even providing him some of the correspondence for FOIA requests I had submitted, and I had never said Mr. Dennis was not a mortician, nor had I ever referred to Mr. Dennis as a liar. Questioned him? Yes, and continue to in an attempt to verify his statements about his involvement in the incident. Fortunately for the critic (who is employed by the Roswell UFO Museum), he didn't mention me by name, which had he done so, would have resulted in legal action against him by me. Did his remarks stress me? No, as with many other remarks I hear, I simply considered the source and what I knew as a fact.


Getting 80-100 e mails a day, some from Ufology research lists can also induce stress if you permit it. I have no idea how many times I have read postings on one of these lists particularly in reference to the Roswell Incident, that were totally false or accusing someone, and rather than respond to them, I simply hit the delete button. I can easily reduce or limit stress by not lowering myself to these type individuals. We're stuck with the debunkers and critics in many cases, but in my case at least, I refuse to play their game. It does nothing to promote honest research and nothing would be gained by corresponding with an individual that already has their mind made up. I believe it was the Mayo Clinic that reported, "Optimistic people live about 19 percent longer than pessimists".


I have over the years attempted to limit my research to three basic areas, "The Roswell Incident", "Underground Bases" and "Area 51". My reason for limiting it is what I mentioned earlier---"Overload". The use of computers and other technology has exposed us to an enormous amount of information today that wasn't available in the recent past. By limiting my research to specific topics, and being as honest as possible, I feel that I can do a better job and hopefully reduce that dreaded word "STRESS".


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