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Editorials: Ufology

By Dennis Balthaser

Verifying Research


Once again I’m amazed at some of the “research” being done and distributed via the www (world wide web), and unfortunately, probably believed by many that read it. Discussion on any subject is good and should be encouraged, as new theories, allegations, and claims are introduced and “kicked around”, however when facts and documentation no longer support that, it’s time to move on to new ideas and thoughts. Such has been the case in recent months on this subject of ufology.


It appears that many of the researchers and investigators that are most vocal on certain incidents, have never done any research on their own, and rely on other’s views and observations to make their statements. For example: how can you be knowledgeable about the Roswell Incident, if you’ve never been to Roswell, never interviewed any of the witnesses or been to any of the crash sites. Speculation is easy, but very difficult to prove and until proof is presented through factual information, documentation, testimony or physical evidence, the debunkers and non-believers will continue to have a field day. Why should the government try to cover something up, when they have more than enough help in accomplishing that, by researchers who for whatever reason propose thoughts that have no verifiable documentation or fact to prove their allegations.


Having interviewed over 100 witnesses myself in the past year and a half, I know first hand how difficult it is to get factual information. If you really want frustration to set in, submit a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the military or government, only to be told that records for that individual may have been destroyed in a fire at the Military Personal Records Center in St Louis in July, 1973. My response to that answer is “May have been” tells me you didn’t even look. Yes the records were destroyed, or no, the records were not destroyed, and consequently, I resubmit the request expecting several more weeks or months of delays before receiving another response from them. One of my favorite responses recently, came from the United States Air Force, while I was attempting to obtain a copy of a teletype for an individual transferred out of Roswell 9 days after the incident. I was simply trying to obtain the teletype as verification of his transfer, however the Air Force responded, “that they are not a repository for UFO information”. I didn’t ask for anything dealing with UFOs, so I had to resubmit that request also. None of this information will be made public until I have been able to exhaust all research avenues available, in order to not muddy the waters anymore than they already are.


For several weeks, on one of the UFO lists on the www, a theory was presented that what Kenneth Arnold really saw on June 24, 1947 in the state of Washington, while flying his personal airplane near Mt. Ranier, were pelicans. Granted birds have been mistaken for UFOs in the past, but they will not fit Mr. Arnold’s description of what he saw based on the speed he noted, the distance from his observation, the distance traveled and several other factors well documented.


Another is the Lonnie Zamora, Socorro, New Mexico Incident in 1964. Several researchers (?) are indicating the possibility that Zamora saw a hot air balloon. I personally would not have wanted to be in that balloon gondola if the flame Zamora saw was shooting downward as he stated, rather than upward as required to give the balloon lift. Where is the logic for some of this thinking? Thank goodness for the “delete” button on the computer.


Have these researchers really done their homework to make statements such as the previous two about Arnold and Samora? I doubt it. As I stated above, discussion is good and all ideas should be persued, but after other researchers have disproved such statements, with facts, why continue? Perhaps they belong to that group that wouldn’t believe in UFOs, if one landed in their front yard. Or perhaps they concur with televangilist Pat Robertson, (who was a Presidential candidate a few years ago and is head of the Christian Coalition). Robertson stated, “people who believe in the existence of aliens from space and UFOs should be put to death by stoning”. That’s certainly not comforting to those of us serious about this subject.


Peter Robbins; http://www.UFOcity.com attempted to get confirmation about that statement, but as of this writing has not been able to obtain the requested information. The statement by Robertson, was confirmed as having been posted in the July/August, 1997 issue of Freedom Writer magazine, as verified by Michael Lindemann, CNINews.


It may be hard to admit that you are wrong, but sometimes the facts are so overwhelming that you have no choice, and by doing so you will become a better researcher or investigator. If it can be proven that nothing happened in Roswell in 1947, I’d be the first to accept it and go fishing or persue some other interest, but too many unanswered questions still remain. For that reason, I’m not ready to give up (or to be stoned).


The positive aspect of these type discussions is the fact that much of the research done over the years is justifiably being questioned and in some cases is being found to be incorrect. To me as a researcher that is as important as finding new information, as it puts the pieces of the puzzle together better.


One of the topics I discussed in a previous editorial, was the difference in our thinking today as compared to 50 years ago. Regretfully, it appears to me that we’ve lost (or misplaced), the respect we once had for our leaders and our government. It’s hard for our young people to understand “cover-up”, because unfortunately, most of them grew up with it, accept it, and have no way of knowing the way things were. 50 years ago if you were told to shut up for National Security reasons, you did it, because you respected and trusted the government. I run into that respect with many of the first-hand witnesses I try to interview, when they tell me “I promised my government I wouldn’t talk---I haven’t and I won’t”.


Recently, I had a long conversation with a man who claimed that he was in the hangar at Roswell Army Air Field, in July 1947, where he saw guards with weapons guarding something. A few days later it was gone and nothing was mentioned about it. When I left a message on his phone recorder a few days later about wanting to talk to him again, I instead received a call from his wife, informing me “he had nothing more to say, and he would appreciate it if I took him off my list”.


I also had the opportunity recently to go through the old Chaves County jail with Sheriff Wilcox’s two daughters, where the family actually lived, while he was Sheriff in 1947. They were gracious enough to show us where the living quarters were, the kitchen where their mother cooked meals for the prisoners and the Sheriff’s office. When the time came to go into the actual jail portion, neither lady had any desire to go in there, as that was off limit’s 52 years ago and they apparently felt the same way today. I respect those type people.


For those of us old enough to know the difference, we live in much different times today than was prevalent 50 years ago. In many aspects it’s much better today, but in some aspects……., well, I have to admit, it’s certainly interesting, some times frustrating, but a challenge some of us have accepted. The discussions (good or bad), the different thinking, will all help for the truth to prevail eventually, and that’s all we’re after.


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