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Editorials: Ufology

By Dennis Balthaser

Trying to prove that aliens exist, or that we’ve been visited is a challenge at times for us researchers.  The debunkers, skeptics, and non-believers are always quick to ask,  “where’s your proof?”  It’s my thinking that they either ignore or distort the proof when it’s given to them. It’s similar to the United States Air Force denying the Roswell Incident, then giving 4 excuses over 50 years for what happened in 1947.  Why 4 different excuses?


 UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are not debatable; they’re a fact of life.  What UFOs are, some think is debatable.  I suppose that’s where the disagreement starts. We have an enormous amount of physical evidence, and I do not understand why they won’t accept the proof that has already been produced. Perhaps if we had a piece of metal or other material from an actual craft, some would tend to agree that we have been, and are being visited by extraterrestrials from another world. Many of us believe that our government does in fact have such physical proof, but we have not yet been able to obtain it. The government may have good reason to withhold the proof, but I can’t speak for them. I will try in this editorial to explain some of what we do have as physical evidence and proof.


 Several well-documented cases come to mind. The 1964 Socorro, New Mexico, Lonnie Zamora case had imprints in the soil from a craft, as well as burnt vegetation around the area. Within hours, an Army Intelligence agent from White Sands, as well as an FBI agent investigated it. When Project Blue Book ended their study of UFOs in 1969, this case was still listed as unknown. A U.S. Military Base in England had the same thing, as well as an “audio recording” of the event. The Shag Harbor case reportedly produced a green film on the water. Maury Island had its “debris” analyzed in Chicago and Washington State, not to mention what the military investigated. The 1947 Roswell Incident, had material scattered over a large area of the impact site, recovered by the military, and it has never been seen again. And there are more cases.


 Our judicial system in the United States is set up where one eye-witnesses testimony is enough to find a defendant guilty, and sentence that person to life imprisonment or even execution. There is no physical proof involved there either. Many of the witnesses that have come forward over the years pertaining to UFOs are very distinguished, professional, respectable individuals, but the critics won’t believe them, even though some of those names included the biggest names in the military as well as the intelligence community. Consequently, to avoid embarrassment or ridicule, most sightings or experiences with UFOs are never reported. For our politicians, apparently admitting to knowledge about UFOs would be politically devastating. Perhaps that’s why many of our leaders are not informed about the UFO situation. Who has given certain individuals the authority to withhold information?


 I have in previous editorials mentioned some phrases in the Bible that many believe are UFO related; the ancient artwork from the 1300 and 1400’s that show what appear to be UFOs in these artwork masterpieces; and other examples of UFO existence for thousands of years.  We cannot, nor should we ignore that, simply because we are not displaying a piece of a crashed craft or a recovered alien as physical proof.  It’s now believed that the Egyptian pyramids are thousands of years older than we’ve originally been told, and in the future I hope to research the possibility of alien involvement in the building of the pyramids, if in fact they were built in pre-Egyptian time.


 With the use of video cameras in recent years, many sightings have been recorded by thousands of individuals and the images on those films cannot be explained satisfactorily. Examples include hundreds of people video taping the Phoenix Lights a few years ago, the Mexico sightings from all over that country, taken simultaneously and reported by every major media outlet in Mexico (but not here in the states).  In the U.S. there are thousands of hours of videotape of UFOs, many authenticated by “experts”, both government and civilian. The same holds true for photographs. Granted some are hoaxes or explainable, but not all and it’s time we were told about them.


 Regardless of what the Air Force says about not being interested in UFOs or not investigating them, we now have enough documentation through the efforts of reliable historical Ufologists to prove that the United States Air Force has investigated UFOs and still is, regardless of what their Public Relations personnel say.  Forensic experts have authenticated some of these documents, which indicate a possible conspiracy by certain individuals within our government to keep this quiet. We have in our possession military and governmental documents to support our proof. In addition, the government has admitted to lying about UFOs on several occasions on the subject of UFOs.  Look up the CIA, NSA, and FBI on your computer and see what they are saying on this subject, and while doing that, think about what they are not telling you.


 The Random House Dictionary of the English Language, states as the first definition of the word “Proof”--- “evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth”. I firmly believe we have met those criteria.


 Some of the people that claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials have unexplainable marks on their bodies, implants, missing time in their lives, etc.  Radar screens have detected objects that are unexplainable, based on their speed and movement, when no aircraft are reported in the area of the radar units at the time of the observation.  Our own and other countries military aircraft have been scrambled to chase after UFOs, only to find they cannot catch them or they completely disappear from the pilots view.  All of these examples are well documented, yet we are asked, “where’s the proof”?


 In my opinion, many of those that want proof, really don’t want it, because once they are given that proof, they manage to distort the facts and truth to continue their own agenda as is the case with several researchers/authors on the subject of Ufology.  Also, certain members of the military and our government have had years of practice in denying any involvement with UFOs.  In their case, I believe we are now accumulating enough documentation to prove that they are interested and are involved, and sooner or later will have to admit to the public that there is proof that extraterrestrial craft with intelligent occupants have visited our planet.


 Researcher Stanton Friedman addressed this subject of proof or evidence some time ago and has graciously agreed to let me quote what he said about it.


 “The case for the flying saucer reality is far better than the case against most convicted criminals. If you do it on an evidential basis, you can look at things like Ted Phillips’ collected information on over 5,000 physical trace cases from 70 countries. These are cases where the saucer is seen on or near the ground, and after it leaves, one finds clear physical changes such as burn circles and burn rings, landing gear marks, swirled vegetation, dried out soil, and so forth. People say there is no physical evidence. Well, if a footprint and a fingerprint are physical evidence, then the physical trace cases are certainly physical evidence. In addition, the same things keep happening all over the world. The problem is most people are unaware of the evidence, even though there is a preponderance of evidence. Given the physical trace cases, the radar sightings, the photographs and the eyewitness testimony from people all over the world, we have quite sufficient evidence to conclude that our planet is being visited by manufactured objects behaving in ways that we Earthlings cannot yet duplicate, and that therefore were produced someplace else.”


 I agree with Mr. Friedman about the public being unaware of any evidence (proof). After all if there was any proof, the media would have told us about it in the news, or the White House would have issued a statement. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we should not continue to allow the media to be controlled, nor have certain individuals with the power to suppress information or distort the facts. We cannot afford to continue ignoring the proof we have, and must pursue validating information as we obtain it. If we keep searching for life on other worlds in the universe, isn’t that proof that it must exist, and if they admit it exists, why can’t they admit we’ve been visited?





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